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Getting back in the game: Sports injury rehabilitation at Miller Health

Mike Gwilliams holds expertise in treating shoulder-related conditions

Navigating the challenges of sports injuries can be a complicated process. From amateur athletes to professionals, the journey to recovery is often both physical and mental.

At Miller Health, health professionals can provide comprehensive care to get you back in the game. Mike Gwilliams is a seasoned physiotherapist with a special interest in sports injuries and lots of experience helping professional athletes with their sports injuries.

A Customized Approach to Sports Injuries at Miller Health

Gwilliams, who brings over a decade of experience working with professional athletes & in the private practice setting, recently joined the team at Miller Health after moving to Canada 18 months ago. He shared his observations on the diverse needs of sports-related injuries.

"Every sport, and even positions within a sport, require a customized treatment plan to accommodate for the specific physical demands that are required to perform accordingly," he explains. While the Miller Health team is well-equipped to treat a variety of sports injuries, Gwilliams has special expertise in shoulder-related conditions as a result of his long-time experience working with professional cricket teams.

Athletes who perform throwing motions repeatedly, like in baseball or cricket, can be prone to shoulder injuries. According to Gwilliams, the shoulder is one of the most complex and challenging joints to treat, making it an area he is particularly passionate about.

A sports injury is not just an isolated condition. It impacts your well-being and performance. Treatment is designed to cater to your individual needs and to support you in reaching your goals, be it returning to professional sports or enjoying a recreational weekend game.

While injury recovery is at the forefront of Gwilliams’ treatment plans, he has witnessed firsthand the mental struggle that so often accompanies the physical injury. The mental aspect of dealing with an injury can be challenging and is often overlooked. This makes the psychological support provided as part of the rehabilitation process at Miller Health invaluable for complete recovery. 

Listening to Your Body: Prevention Over Cure

One of Mike Gwilliams’s guidelines for athletes is to be proactive rather than reactive. "Listening to your body's warning signs like stiffness or tightness can prevent more serious injuries," says Gwilliams.

This emphasis on early intervention is a cornerstone at Miller Health. The team encourages athletes to seek advice at the earliest signs of discomfort. Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of physiotherapy sessions to restore balance and function, making this a cost-effective approach to maintaining athletic performance rather than treating a catastrophic injury.

The Comprehensive Role of Physiotherapy in Sports Recovery

Physiotherapy with Gwilliams at Miller Health plays a multifaceted role in sports injury recovery. The process begins right from the acute phase, focusing on pain management, and extends to reconditioning and prevention. "The aim is to get the patient back to the field as soon as it's safe and sustainable, with the long-term goal is to ensure that the injury does not re-occur" notes Gwilliams. 

He will work closely with you to design a recovery program specific to you and your sport or position that includes safe tissue loading, muscular activation, and techniques to increase tissue resilience. Before returning to sport, Gwilliams will test your strength, range of motion and other factors to ensure a swift and effective return to your sport.

Miller Health: Your Partner in Sports Recovery

With a robust team of healthcare professionals, Miller Health is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and personalized care. Whether you are a teen athlete, a weekend warrior, or a professional, Mike Gwilliams and the team at Miller Health has the services and expertise to guide you through your journey back to optimal health.

For a personalized consultation on recovery from your specific injury, call 705-327-5400 or book an appointment online.

Michael Gwilliams, Registered Physiotherapist

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