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Honouring 50 years of service: Cockburn Refrigeration Ltd.'s commitment to excellence

New owners David and Haley Valiquette are eager to continue the company's legacy

Cockburn Refrigeration Ltd., a longstanding commercial and industrial refrigeration industry player for over 50 years, traces its roots back to its founder, Eric Cockburn.

Having initiated his career at Orillia Creamery, Eric made the company a symbol of reliability and superior service. Today, under the new ownership of David and Haley Valiquette, Cockburn Refrigeration Ltd. continues its legacy of excellence.

The transition in ownership signifies a new chapter for the company, prompting a reflection on the Cockburns' five decades of hard work and dedication to delivering top-tier HVACR solutions.

"We are so thankful for the support of our staff, as well as the mentorship and continued support from the previous owners Dale and Glenna Cockburn." said Haley Valiquette, Office Manager and owner.


Cockburn Refrigeration Ltd. distinguishes itself in the industry by offering a comprehensive suite of services. While its foundation lies in refrigeration, the company's team of qualified technicians and construction professionals specializes in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems for commercial and industrial clients.

The range of services encompasses HVACR system design and installation, utilizing the latest technology to craft custom solutions tailored to each facility's unique needs. Prioritizing preventive maintenance and repair services, the company acknowledges the pivotal role of system reliability. Technicians are adept at identifying and addressing issues before they escalate, saving clients time and money.


Cockburn Refrigeration Ltd. provides retrofitting and upgrade services for those seeking to stay at the forefront of technology, ensuring systems remain modern and efficient. Incorporating cutting-edge components, such as smart thermostats and high-efficiency motors, enhances functionality and reduces energy costs. Through these services the company also helps clients reduce costs and contribute to minimizing their environmental footprint.

"We are strongly encouraging our customers to have a Preventative Maintenance contract in place, as it minimizes costly after hours calls, or emergencies that can be stressful. We are constantly looking for ways that we can serve our customers and community better, and will continue to do so," said Valiquette.

Acknowledging that emergencies can occur anytime, the company offers 24/7 emergency services. The expert team is ready to diagnose and resolve issues promptly, minimizing operational downtime.

Cockburn Refrigeration Ltd. commits itself to delivering the highest quality HVACR services. Whether clients require installation, maintenance, repair, or retrofitting, the team is dedicated to surpassing expectations.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Cockburn Refrigeration Ltd. to discover how the company can optimize HVACR systems, meeting future demands while honouring the past's legacy.