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Housser's Paint & Wallpaper: Your one-stop destination for transforming your space

The team at Housser's includes interior designers

Housser’s Paint & Wallpaper is more than just a store to pick up a can of paint; it's a space to help customers find the perfect colours and products to transform their home, with a highly trained staff supporting them along the way.

“We offer much more than just paint,” Nathan Housser explains. “We have an extensive line of window coverings and wallpaper. If you are a painter or contractor, we have a great selection of tools, from Graco sprayers to Festool products.”

As the days get cooler, Housser says it’s a great time to paint inside.

“All of our paints are very low or zero in VOCs, meaning you no longer need to wait until spring to have your windows open to paint.”

For homeowners wanting to change their home but unsure where to start, Housser recommends looking at home magazines. For customers changing their flooring or bedding, he recommends selecting those items before the paint; that way, the team at Housser’s — which includes interior designers — can help select the perfect colour to complement the items.

“Also, if you have a painting or something in the room that you intend to keep, bring it into our store. Our staff can help coordinate colour with your picture or fabric, and sometimes that can be a great place to start.”

An estimated measure of room sizes can also help the staff determine how much paint is required, saving customers time and money from buying too much or too little paint.

“We want you to love your home and be proud of it,” Houssers says. “We love it when customers come in and show us their before and after photos. During tougher economic times, painting is still one of the least costly ways to improve your home.”

To find out more about Housser’s Paint & Wallpaper, visit their website here.