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How can you find your True North?

Northern College students can choose from over 72 programs of study

This direction isn’t something that you can find on any map or using any compass, it’s a direction that comes from within, that pulls you forward and drives your decisions.

Your true north is what motivates you in life, what draws you to a career path and defines your values and aspirations.

You can find your true north at Northern College.

With over 72 programs to offer in a variety of fields including health care, emergency and community services, veterinary services, and engineering and trades, your true north is only a click away.

“I started out by taking Instrumentation at the Haileybury Campus, I continued my education in Timmins and got my Electrical Engineering Technology diploma,” said Northern College graduate Domonique R. “Now I’m working for Hydro Ottawa and ready to complete the Substation Electrician apprenticeship.”

Northern College offers students like Domonique the opportunity to bridge between programs and tailor an education for themselves that matches their exact career goals. Student success is central to what Northern College does, from the classroom to the community, supporting them in their studies and in many cases, financially as they undertake their academic journey.

“Bursaries and scholarships help students significantly and on a personal level,” said Northern College Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate Jessica G. “Anything that helps lessen the financial load of post-secondary education is so incredibly appreciated.”

Every year, Northern College issues nearly two million dollars in bursaries with the support of local donors and alumni to support students in reaching their goals. Northern firmly believes that it takes a village to raise a graduate, and works with its four campus communities, their residents, and Northern College Alumni, to support learners and new graduates.

This level of support, coupled with a defined focus on hands-on, experiential learning means that Northern College students enter the workforce with not only the skills required to excel in their chosen field, but the nuanced approach to professionalism that can only be drawn from experience.

“The different scenarios that I was exposed to in simulation helped me to look at the patient’s perspective from different points of view,” said Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate Taska G. “In an interview for my dream job, my employer commented on how well I was able to break down situations and come up with the best solution for the patient.”

Fundamentally, Northern College is a student-centric instruction, built on more than 100 years of experience in educating job-ready graduates with the kinds of skills that will not only make them successful professionals, but well-rounded community members and people who shape change and drive innovation.

Northern College can help you find your True North for countless reasons, but you’ll only need one to make the best decision of your life.

“I chose Northern because of the small class sizes, the rich placement opportunities, and the large amount of bursary money available to students,” said Veterinary Technology Wildlife Rehabilitation student Sarah L. She hasn’t looked back since making that choice.

Your adventure begins at Northern College.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and watching you soar.