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Navigating life's transitions: An insightful chat with Psychotherapist Jaclyn Stanley of Miller Health

Miller Health offers the opportunity to try a complimentary phone consultation to see if therapy is the right fit for you

Change is an inevitable part of life. As we move through various stages, we face myriad transitions that can pose challenges, elicit joy, or both.

But what if these transitions become overwhelming? What if they hinder our day-to-day life? Jaclyn Stanley, a freshly minted psychotherapist from Miller Health, who holds expertise in assisting both children and adults through life's changes, dives deeper into the role of psychotherapy in guiding us through these transitions.

Miller Health's Role in Facilitating Transitions

When asked about Miller Health's offerings, particularly concerning transitions, Stanley says, "Counseling is a brilliant resource for those finding it tough to cope with change. Whether it's impacting their job performance, social interactions, or even sleep patterns, counselling offers an avenue for additional support. This is applicable to children and adults alike."

The transitions that Stanley refers to range from universal experiences like adolescence, starting school, or relocating, to more unique, often challenging scenarios that may be tied to trauma. “We’re here to assist, no matter if it’s a common rite of passage or a more intricate situation,” she adds.

Seeking Therapy at Miller Health

Embarking on a therapeutic journey might seem daunting to many. However, Stanley assures that the initial steps are quite approachable. "The first move is to familiarize oneself with our therapists. Every individual has their biography on our website, giving potential clients a glimpse of who might resonate with them. This connection is pivotal as therapy is deeply personal, and every therapist isn't the right fit for everyone."

The inaugural session typically revolves around understanding the individual – their challenges, strengths, and unique life situation. "In transitions, it's vital to harness one's strengths. These become pillars to lean on during times of change.”

Tips to Cope with Transitions

For those currently grappling with transitions, "Preparation is key. If you're aware of an impending change, condition your mind to be positive and flexible. Consistency, like maintaining daily routines, can serve as a comforting factor amid the chaos," says Stanley.

Moreover, she stresses the importance of monitoring one's thoughts. "Our thoughts profoundly influence our feelings and actions. By recognizing our automatic, often negative thoughts, we can consciously shift them towards a more positive or neutral direction."

Drawing on cognitive behavioural therapy, a technique she occasionally employs, Stanley emphasizes, "We possess more control over our thoughts than we realize. By being vigilant and actively steering them, we can cultivate a positive mindset."

When to Seek Help?

For many, discerning when to seek external assistance can be ambiguous. "It's pivotal to reach out when the impact of transitions permeates other facets of your life, be it relationships, work, or daily activities. Especially for those with prior trauma or conditions like ADHD, anxiety, and ASD, external circumstances can amplify underlying challenges. It’s vital not to shoulder it all alone but to seek the help you need," Stanley concludes.

Navigating life's transitions might be an intricate process, but with support, understanding, and the right tools, we can embrace change with resilience and grace. Miller Health, with professionals like Jaclyn Stanley, continues to be a necessary tool for many, with convenient availability after work or school and on Saturdays.

Unsure if therapy is the right fit for you and your circumstances? Miller Health offers a complimentary phone consultation to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Jaclyn Stanley, M.A., Counselling Psychology, B.A

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