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Need a short-term mortgage solution, fast?

Big banks aren’t big on flexibility. When life happens, get a mortgage fix from somewhere you trust

Don’t quite fit the mortgage mold?

Even if you have good credit, you may have a more complex mortgage situation at hand that won’t fit neatly into a traditional assembly-line product — especially if it’s a temporary issue and a quick fix is needed.

You’ve likely run into a wall with your bank, or you feel their solution doesn’t quite fit, but there’s somewhere you can turn to for trusted advice.

A mortgage of a different shape may get you out of a tough spot.

The highly trained brokers at True North Mortgage are experts in complex mortgages. On a case-by-case basis, they consider all your details to see if a customized, short-term solution can quickly and simply solve your financing needs.

Why is that important? Because when life happens, the right mortgage solution that actually fits your situation can save you money, time, and stress.

True North can consider your details to see if a secure, short-term solution fits the bill to help buy you time and simplify your (mortgage) life.

What is a complex mortgage?

A complex mortgage is one where the details don’t tick all the big-bank checkboxes, and many everyday scenarios can apply. Perhaps you have varied income sources or quickly need extra funds and don’t want to break your current mortgage term. Or, you need to buy a new home before listing your current one.

Think your situation is complex?

Here’s a quick look at some mortgage scenarios that True North has stepped in to help.

·Second mortgage for extra cash

·Bridge financing

·Non-traditional income sources

·Renovation money

·Rent-to-own mortgages

·Rental property financing solutions

·Divorce payout to keep the home

·Taxes owed getting in the way of a mortgage approval

·Consolidating debt and mortgages

·Pre-build complications

·Vendor Take Back mortgages

You can read more about some of their client scenarios here. And, if you don't neatly fit into these categories, worry not, True North makes new mortgage molds every day. 

Your situation is unique — your mortgage solution should be, too. 

Why might True North Mortgage be able to help you when a big bank can’t?

As one of Canada's top brokerages for over 17 years, they can offer you fast, flexible, outside-the-mold solutions. They’re innovators in mortgage lending, with a brokerage model designed to save clients time and money. 

Their highly trained, unbiased, salaried brokers have access to several traditional and alternative lenders and mortgage products, including their in-house lender, THINK Financial — all of which already give them a leg up compared to trying to find a solution on your own.

Just review what their clients have to say. They have over 15,000 5-star reviews from happy mortgagees (the most in the industry by far), which seems to attest to their ability to find the right fit while simplifying the mortgage process substantially.

Do you feel like a square (mortgage) peg trying to fit into a round hole? Follow this link to learn more about finding a compatible solution. Plus, there’s a number you can call specifically to speak to an expert broker about your mortgage details.

True North Mortgage can help smooth out your mortgage complexity with the greatest of ease. Give them a shout — they may be able to save you money, time, and stress. Contact Canada's No. 1 Mortgage Broker today.