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Personalized chiropractic care at Miller Health

Treatment plans can focus on preventative care or address new injuries

The experienced chiropractic team at Miller Health integrates a holistic approach to wellness and injury recovery into their chiropractic treatments.

Their most recent addition chiropractor Dr. Rebecca Bouwhuis is no exception. Her firsthand understanding of sports-related injuries, coupled with a comprehensive academic grounding in chiropractic care, allows her to offer effective treatment experiences to her patients at Miller Health.

Depth and Diversity in Treatment

"We look at each case in depth, going beyond just the symptoms," explains Dr. Bouwhuis. "Our practice encompasses a diversified technique. This includes manual care, muscle soft tissue work, active release, and acupuncture. We also put a strong emphasis on exercise-based care, customizing it to fit each patient's needs and goals." Each treatment uniquely suits every individual who walks through the Miller Health doors.

Patients of all ages and backgrounds find their needs met at Miller Health. "Our range of patients is quite broad – from young sports enthusiasts managing injuries to adults and seniors seeking to improve mobility and comfort," Dr. Bouwhuis notes the versatility of their treatments.

A Personalized Journey for Every Patient

The journey for new patients at Miller Health begins with a detailed and personal process. "We start by understanding their health history and current issues, followed by a thorough physical examination," Dr. Bouwhuis says. "Based on this, we develop a treatment plan that aligns with their lifestyle and health goals."

Tailoring treatment plans for chronic conditions versus acute injuries is a key aspect of the clinic's strategy. "For chronic issues, our approach often involves a long-term strategy focusing on pain management and lifestyle adjustments. In contrast, acute injuries typically require more immediate and intensive interventions.”

Collaborative and Preventive Chiropractic Care

Preventive care is also a fundamental part of the clinic's philosophy. "Educating our patients on preventing future injuries and maintaining their health is crucial. It's a proactive approach that we strongly advocate for," Dr. Bouwhuis emphasizes.

"The strength of the Miller Health team is the access to various disciplines of chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and social work. The knowledge and experience of the team at Miller Health allow us to develop the best treatment plan for each person. This ensures our patients receive well-rounded care,” says Dr. Bouwhuis in regards to ensuring comprehensive care for each individual, “We're committed to ensuring our patients benefit from the most advanced treatment available.”

While Miller Health’s initial approach to chiropractic care is treating ailments, it's equally about guiding patients toward sustained wellness. Their unique methods combine innovative care, expert guidance, and a focus on long-term health to offer a path to lasting well-being.

Let the team at Miller Health address your concerns. Call 705-327-5400 or book an appointment online at

Note: Before making any health decisions, it's always essential to consult with a healthcare professional. The above article offers insights but isn't a substitute for professional medical advice.

Dr. Rebecca Bouwhuis

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