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Showcasing local employment success stories from Orillia

Job seekers have an entire team in their corner at Agilec

Job seekers experience many challenges, whether they’re changing careers or getting into the job market for the first time. The hardest part is often getting started; knowing where to look, who to talk to, and the requirements to land a job.

Agilec’s employment service office in Orillia gives candidates the tools and resources needed to gain employment.

Since their services are free and open to everyone, Agilec helps a wide range of job seekers hoping to find a position in their respective field.

“Anyone at the office is so helpful, supportive and kind,” one local employer said. “The support Agilec provides to an employer to assist with staffing needs, onboarding and ongoing support with the candidate for as long as needed, at no cost.”

Agilec acts as the go-between for both the employee and employer, providing support on both sides.

For employees, Agilec helps with applications and resumes, job search strategies, interview prep, and even on-the-job assistance through those first few shifts.

Job coaches are side-by-side with candidates through the most stressful parts of the job process, including interviews. It not only provides comfort, but when job coaches sit in on the interview, they guide job seekers through a post-interview analysis with valuable feedback.

“I applied to 3 different jobs after I started with Agilec,” one local candidate said. “Every job interview I went to, either Theresa or Crystal came with me and gave me feedback on how I did at my interview and helped me get ready for the next one.”

And it doesn’t end after the interview is complete and the job seeker lands a successful position. Coaches follow up with candidates after they’ve been on the job, just to check in and see how they’ve adapted to the workplace.

“Even after I was hired at my new job, they kept in touch with me to make sure everything was good,” one candidate said. “I really appreciated their help.”

Job seekers find it comforting to know they have a whole team in their corner at Agilec. From their employment coach to their employer liaison, the entire team always has the candidate’s best interests at heart.

“The biggest surprise for me was how on top of things my team was,” another local candidate said. “The communication between my employment coach, employer liaison, and myself was seamless and effortless. There were never any miscommunications.”

Agilec sees people from all walks of life come through their doors on a daily basis. Not just folks looking for a career change, it’s those who might be on government disability programs or on employment assistance programs.

“I would recommend Agilec to anyone who needs an extra push to get a job, whether they come in through Ontario Works, the Ontario Disability Support Program, or word of mouth,” one candidate said. “My team; Kailene and Sonja have been very helpful.”

The trucking industry continues to be a hotbed of activity, and thanks to government programs like Better Jobs Ontario, many are taking advantage of an opportunity to gain the knowledge and training they need to set off on an exciting new career.

Financial assistance is a big piece of the puzzle for many candidates, and Agilec’s employment coaches can inform candidates on the right program to fit their lifestyle. So far, many have forged ahead to start a new career in a growing industry, like trucking and transportation.

“My biggest surprise in the job search process was the amount of demand for drivers in the market right now,” one recent employee said. “I was able to get hired by my top picked company. There's nothing to lose but a lot to gain. There are so many companies hiring right now, it might be a good time to get in.”

Just like these candidates, you could become the next local employment success story.

Contact an Agilec employment coach to get started on your journey together. Services are free and open to anyone. Get started at