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There’s life beyond knee pain

Rebuild strength and maintain an active lifestyle with the right treatment plan

Knee pain can be relentless.

It could be a nagging ache during a simple walk, stiffness after a long car ride, or a sharp jolting pain that limits your favourite activities. But living with knee pain doesn't have to be your reality.

Miller Health's experienced physiotherapist, Joey Timpano, helps patients understand the root causes behind their knee issues, designing personalized treatment plans focused on lasting relief.

Understanding the Source of Your Pain

"Knee pain comes in many forms," explains Timpano. "It could be the gradual wear and tear of osteoarthritis, an overload injury like a tendinopathy for active individuals, or even a specific incident like a slip, fall, or sports injury."

Sometimes understanding knee pain means looking beyond the knee itself and a thorough physiotherapy assessment can help pinpoint the true source.

Dispelling the Myths: It's Not Just About Getting Older

While joint changes related to aging are common, Timpano is quick to point out that they don't automatically mean a life of pain. "We see people in their 40s or even younger with those changes on imaging, but they're completely asymptomatic.

The way you move, your lifestyle, and your overall joint health play a massive role in managing pain and maintaining function."

The Miller Health Difference Starts With You

"Your care journey begins with a detailed discussion about your history, your specific concerns, and what a successful recovery looks like to you," says Timpano. At Miller Health, understanding patient goals is as important as understanding the physical problem. Treatment plans are tailored, focusing on pain relief, strengthening exercises, improving mobility, and addressing your overall health goals.

The focus on collaboration is part of what sets Miller Health apart. "Our team's combined knowledge and experience are powerful resources," emphasizes Timpano. "Challenging cases get extra attention through discussions with colleagues or continuing education sessions. We're all invested in providing the best possible care."

Prevention and Proactive Health are Both Essential Too

Timpano highlights the importance of preventive physiotherapy. Identifying movement patterns or habits that put extra stress on knees can help minimize future pain.

This is especially beneficial for athletes, those with past injuries, or people who want to stay active for as long as possible.

Taking Back Control with Miller Health

Knee pain shouldn't limit your ability to walk comfortably, to engage in the activities you love, or simply feel your best every day.

Joey Timpano and Miller Health's personalized and evidence-based approach helps you manage pain, rebuild your strength, and reclaim a life without those limitations.

To book your physiotherapy assessment, call 705-327-5400 or visit

Important Note: Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new health plan.  This article isn't a substitute for medical advice.

Physiotherapist, Joey Timpano

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