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Will Marshall Insurance Brokers: Prioritizes clients’ needs to offer them the best possible insurance protection

President Colin Marshall says that their clients are more than a random policy number, they are neighbours, friends, and family

Since 1983, the team at Will Marshall Insurance Brokers has worked to offer each and every client exceptional service.

They ensure that all insurance options and concerns are addressed and thoroughly explained. President Colin Marshall says, “We truly value our clients and the personalized service that we offer. Our relationship with our clients is built on trust.” They prioritize and understand each client’s unique needs and situation.

The brokerage teams at both their Barrie and Orillia offices offer clients a combination of expert advice and advocacy. They are proud of their reputation for integrity and dependability in helping clients navigate the insurance landscape to ensure they receive value in the insurance coverage that they acquire. Will Marshall Insurance provides property and liability insurance for autos, homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, and farms.

Connection with clients

The insurance industry has changed dramatically over the years with many smaller brokerages being purchased by large corporations whose only connection with clients is through a call centre. Marshall is proud that his insurance brokerage is still an independent. “We’re still family-owned and operated. Because we’ve got the means to help our clients, it’s a much better experience. It’s not about price, it’s about having someone who cares on the other end of the line and takes the time to have a conversation with the client.”

There is always someone at the other end of the line to have a personal conversation and listen to client’s concerns. By sincerely listening and asking questions, the team at Will Marshall Insurance Brokers gains insights that allow them to make recommendations aligned with each client’s needs. This personalized approach goes beyond the initial transactional interaction. Colin Marshall says, “When clients call our office, we have real conversation with them.”

Still make house calls

Colin Marshall often hears stories about other insurance companies letting their clients down. Typically, it’s because no one has reviewed their policy in a long time.

He says, “We still answer the phone and actually do make house calls to go over insurance policies with our clients. We want to understand the client’s risk and coverage expectations. We also want to review what their current policy covers.” They work to keep the lines of communication open by checking in periodically to review policies and adjust coverage as necessary. Marshall adds, “We are sincerely interested in our clients’ well-being and work to establish and maintain trust and credibility in our communities.”

Insurance in Ontario is complex

Colin Marshall has extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. He has two insurance industry degrees. He gets frustrated when he hears about individuals trying to create their own do-it-yourself insurance policy online. He says, “You need an insurance professional to look at the policy options and the client’s needs from a professional point of view. Colin adds, I’ve studied insurance for 20 years and I learn something everyday. If you go online to buy insurance, you won’t have the same depth of knowledge or experience.”

Farm insurance policies can be particularly complex. The building values must be calculated including factors such as COVID and inflation. Marshall says, “With inflation you don’t want to get into a situation where you don’t have enough insurance on buildings that house feed, fertilizer, and livestock.”

It’s not only about price

While cost is an important consideration for consumers, buying the cheapest insurance may leave them without coverage when there’s a problem. Marshall emphasizes, “That’s why you need the experience of a professional because an experienced broker who will ensure that if faced with a problem, you will have the coverage that you need.”

Colin Marshall has had his own experience with excessive groundwater bubbling up through a drain in his furnace room. Fortunately, he caught it when there was only six inches of water in the basement. Even so it was a huge mess that his insurance policy covered. Marshall says, “My claim is probably going to be more than $50,000. If the water had destroyed the contents in my basement, my claim would be $100,000. My neighbour’s whose basement was also flooded has only $11,000 in coverage. They’ve had to cover the rest of the damages through a GoFundMe campaign.” The brokers at Will Marshall Insurance will let clients know if there’s a shortfall in their homeowners’ policy and come up with a fix that will protect them.

Consumers want the cheapest auto insurance available. But they may not be aware that under Ontario’s No-Fault Insurance program there are only minimal standard benefits available for income replacement and medical expenses if you’re injured in an accident. Purchasing additional optional benefits will give you better protection. Marshall says, “The medical benefits are $65,000. For $10 a month, most people can buy up to $1 million in coverage. If my clients are injured in an accident, they will be properly covered. I have a great reputation in my community for taking good care of my clients.” With more comprehensive coverage clients can have the peace of mind that they are covered when it’s needed most.

The client comes first

Over the past 40 years, Will Marshall Insurance Brokers’ has built meaningful relationships with their clients through personalized service and ongoing support that ensures clients are protected. Colin Marshall says, “It’s a professional relationship but our clients are our friends. We share our insurance knowledge with them to allow them to protect themselves and their families against any problems that may arise.”

The brokers at Will Marshall Insurance Brokers have been taking care of their clients for 40 years. And as Colin Marshall says, “We want to be here in our community for another 40 years.”

Contact Will Marshall Insurance Brokers at Barrie: (705) 726-2551 or Orillia (705) 326-5664 or visit: